(Koto of water-drips)

Sui-kin-kutsu was set up at Eikando.
Sui-kin-kutsu is a sound ornament for Japanese garden. The structure is very simple. A big jar with a small hole on the bottom is set up-side down on the pan with water. Water drips from the hole onto the water in the pan and makes a low sound. The big jar echoes with the sound of water-drips.

When you visit Eikando, please pour water gently and concentrate your attention to listen to the low sound of water-drips. You can hear the beautiful sound like a Koto, a Japanese harp.

Please enjoy the sound of Sui-kin-kutsu.


Sound of Sui-kin-kutsu 1
(Duration:1min File:MP3)
Sound of Sui-kin-kutsu 2(Duration:1min File:MP3)