Guide of Eikando

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There is still a concern about recurrence of Covid-19 infection. When visiting, we ask that you will pay close attention to measures for infection prevention such as wearing a mask. In order to reduce plastic waste, visitors of Eikando are requested to bring their own shoe bag.

Ordinary Visit


Through the year except Autumnal Exhibition period
Open Hours 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
(Gates are closed at 5:00 PM)
Inside of the temples and garden
(A part of the temples may be temporally closed according to ceremonies or services.)
Admission Fee
30 persons
or more)
(Age:19 or over)
(Age:6 to18)
Individual 600 JPY 400 JPY
Group 500 JPY 350 JPY
  • There are not enough car park. Please use public transportation.
  • No photography and no video inside the temples except the garden.
  • It is prohibited to use a tripod or similar equipment for taking photograph in the precincts.
  • No selfie rod in the temples. Please refrain from using it in case of the precincts crowded.
  • No pets admitted to the precincts.
  • No food and drink in the precincts.
  • No smoking in the precincts.
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